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Me and my friend decided to build a little rpg. At my free time i has been writing it, it grew on me and at present looks like this.

What is done:

  • 1 character, attack with bow + attack by hand
  • 3 camera modes - chasing camera, first person and free camera
  • 4 monsters[mushroom, lizard, borrog and plant]
  • 1 EU server capable of 50-80 players+network system
  • gold, MUSHROOMS
  • items gui
  • fox, rabbit is added
  • health+mana potions
  • fast 1..0 gui
  • items
  • spells
  • healing/mana stuff, items, gui+restoration
  • partial coop gameplay(up to 32 people on 1 server, if i buy better server that number will grow to 128)
  • random map generation

What's gonna be done:

  • chests
  • dungeon level
  • forest level[i have healing models and some building, also need to write code]
  • forest animals[bear,Moose,boar,deer,polar bear and a penguin lol].[need to only add them]
  • sand level
  • forgotten city level
  • village - base place for upgrading selling, e.t.c.
  • critters
  • insectoids
  • spiders for dungeon level
  • ability to edit your character(skin color, hair color, boob size, eyes e.t.c.)
  • magician class
  • hunter class

There is no playable demo at the moment, you can support this game by donating here on itch.io(you will receive demos,test versions once they become available for free), or you can donate on patreon

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News are posted here

Here's the latest videos:


Buy Now$0.50 USD or more

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