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For those out there who are dreading that all intimidating driving test, wanting to polish up their road skills for a drive through or are looking to improve on their existing driving skills to avoid getting points on their license – Driving Megapolis 3D offer a viable solution. A cut above the rest and specifically designed for European roads and the rules around it, this simulator is designed to be used on a PC.

Boasting a host a features the simulator is designed to be interactive and also is a learning opportunity. The uniquely built in ability of the simulator, which tracks you're driving mistakes along the way and highlights them across clearly gives you the chance to improve upon them. Fully packed with a bunch of scenarios, the Drive Megapolis 3D simulator comes with a series of thirty missions each one more exciting than the last and each one designed to fulfill an objective add that to the function which offers a choice between a manual and auto transmission car and you're pretty much on your way.

Along with which the designers have also built in various options which include a host of vehicles and terrains from which you can choose from – a total of seventeen in fact. Additionally it also has real life functions including simulated design which means the roads will be busy with trams and buses – meaning if you live in a busy city around Europe you can expect the same scenery from the simulator as well.

Minimum system requirements at present is win7 dx11 capable gpu(gt730)
Recommended win8.1(gtx760) 8gb free space

Download weights ~2GB


  • 30 missions. Objectives include parking, stopping and standing, entering and exiting the box, driving around tightly parked cars, driving to destinations, "do not damage the cargo" and others.
  • 17 vehicles to drive and increasing over time! They include front, rear, 4x4 cars, buses, trucks and 19 additional modded traffic cars.
  • City, mountain and off-road maps to explore.
  • You can also encounter trams, trains and trolleybuses in addition to the above vehicles on the road.
  • You can pick up passengers in buses.
  • Realistic clutch, stalls and engine simulation unique to each vehicle
  • Realistic physics and weather affect conditions on different types of roads
  • People and animals that will react according to your driving skills

3 monitor setup are also available.
There are English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Czech language available.

More info here

Guides, controls, F.A.Q.


We can make a custom car, bus or truck for you for additional 150$, or we can make it completely exclusive for you for 210$


Many things has been fixed since last update, dynamic lights, nightmode, added more settings to menu, added more maps for you to train your driving skills, fixed translation issues, fixed many texture problems.

Next update will be in may(will feature better infinite roads).

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New version videos(updated graphics+destructions):

Let's plays: Other videos can be viewed here

Czech translation by Sláva Chlubna
Portuguese(Brazilian) translation by joanapm
3D Modeling: Aleks3D, Mast, s2Media
Developers: s5zone, Pirski


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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czech fix[mgpls\Data\lang] 13 kB
September version(german, OculusRift, new english audio and many new updates)
October version(german+english audio, bugfixes and new engine sounds)
Add custom car to the game
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Add exclusive custom car to the game
if you pay $270 USD or more

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SSE4 fix(unpack into debug folder) 2 MB